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National Speech/Language Therapy Center

We Believe All Children Can Learn

5606 Shields Drive
Bethesda, Maryland 20817

Tel: (301) 493-0023
Fax: (301) 493-8230

Speech, language and reading therapy programs

If your child has learning disabilities, language delays or is on the autistic spectrum, you'll want to learn more about National Speech/Language Therapy Center.

National Speech is a fun, family-friendly Center that gets results for children with learning difficulties. Based on observations by parents, teachers and clinicians, students can achieve significant gains in multiple areas, including improvements in:

  • language development
  • executive functioning skills (such as improving ability to pay attention and focus)
  • auditory processing skills
  • reading skills (encoding, decoding and comprehension)

National Speech has found that some of these skills can be improved in just weeks instead of years!

We believe all kids can learn.

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