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New Frontiers in Learning
80 Broad Street
Suite 1702
New York, NY 10004

Tel: 646-558-0085
Fax: 646-786-4728


Support for Students Transitioning to College

The New Frontiers model of support for students transitioning to college focuses on the individual needs of each specific student in the program, and provides services to students in high schools and colleges in the Westchester and New York City areas, with the ability to work remotely with students in other parts of the country/world.

Our supports allow students to apply for and attend colleges based on their plan of study or personal campus preferences. We work collaboratively with the schools to assist students in learning how to access the supports available on their respective campuses, while providing the supplementary supports students need to be successful in the high school or college environment.

New Frontiers provides individually customized supports in the areas of academics, social engagement, and career development. The New Frontiers team is committed to providing high quality support services that enable and empower young adults to meet the academic and social rigors of school and to prepare them for life-long success. Each member of our team is well versed in working with students with challenges in academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction at the secondary and postsecondary levels. Each individual on our administrative staff holds a minimum of a Master's degree in special education.

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