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Attorney Arlene Bell

special education attorney 
Bay Area San Francisco

Special education attorney Santa Monica, CA

1158 26th St
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Tel: 310-829-2029

Special Education Attorney serving Southern California

Arlene Bell is an attorney dedicated to assisting families with children with special needs to obtain the educational placement and services their children need.

Formerly a teacher of students with learning challenges, she holds a Master of Arts Degree in Special Education and three California Life Teaching Credentials: Elementary, Early Childhood and Specialist in Learning Handicapped.

Arlene can assist parents with:

  • Requesting School Records;
  • Requesting an assessment or an IEP meeting;
  • Preparing for an IEP eligibility meeting or an annual review;
  • Attending an IEP meeting with parents;
  • Requesting for Due Process and representing parents in Mediation and/or a Due Process Hearing.

Arlene also represents parents for conservatorships.

Call Arlene at: (310) 829-2029 for additional information.

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