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Broach Bradenton Excel Center School and Programs

Broach Excel schools autism developmental delays

A full range of education services for students with severe emotional and behavioral challenges

Jeanne Shell
Director, Broach Bradenton Campus
3005 26th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34205

Tel: 941.751.2525
Fax: 941.751.2330

Larry Broach, Executive Director
6211 Terry Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Tel: 904.637.0300
Fax: 904.637.0900

Brannen E. Broach, Marketing Director
6211 Terry Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Tel: 904.378.0000
Fax: 904.378.0009

Our school helps severely challenged students build upon their strengths and develop the skills they need to maximize their independence and reach their highest potential.

Broach Bradenton offers tested and proven programs to help students with these common learning disabilities achieve their highest potential

The Broach Bradenton school in Bradenton, Florida provides dedicated Excel classrooms serving students with special needs on a traditional campus.

Our students have developmental disabilities, such as autism, Down's Syndrome, and PDD. Some have physical and/or mental disabilities, and may be wheelchair bound. Still others have emotional disturbances, challenging behavior, or learning differences such as ADHD.

At Broach Bradenton you will find:
Individualized plans - We consider, combine, and coordinate our programs and services based on each child’s own abilities, interests, and goals.

Positive teaching methodologies - Safe, positive, and respectful methodologies teach students self-control and appropriate alternative behaviors, and improve their ability to learn and communicate.

Outcome-based programs - We set measurable goals for language development, social skills, academic progress, and daily living skills. And we closely monitor and document every outcome.

Educational excellence - We rely on proven strategies, and our highly credentialed staff members are engaged in on-going training and research into emerging practices.

Collaborative attention - We work closely with speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, other specialists, as well as with the child's family and home school.

Positive learning environments - Our classes are small and highly structured, with intensive staff-to-student ratios. Our multi-disciplinary staff is encouraging, optimistic, and committed to helping every child succeed.

Learn more about Broach Bradenton and its Excel classes and programs

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