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    Chester Creek

    special needs mice and keyboards for children and all disabled people

    205 W. 2nd Street
    Suite 130
    Duluth, MN 55802

    Tel: 218-722-1837
    Fax: 218-722-1838



    Computer Keyboards and Mice for Children and Adults with Special Needs

    Chester Creek specializes in computer keyboards and mice for chidlren and those with vision and/or dexterity issues. Our line of products include the VisionBoard with 1" large, white or bright yellow keys for most vision or dexterity issues, the KinderBoard, with brightly colored 1" large keys for children and/or those with dexterity issues, the Tiny Mouse, which is sized small for people with limited control or children with smaller hands.

    See our Catalog of Assistive Technology Products and Toys on line!

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