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The GAP School

medical, psychological, educational remediation center Sarasota Florida

The Power of Acceptance
5989 Approach Road
Sarasota, FL 34238

Tel: 941.924.6373

Fax: 941.923.9520


An Intervention Therapeutic School in Sarasota, Florida

The Gap School is not like other educational institutions. It is not an institution at all. It is a place where the soul of education exists. It is a healing place for students to rediscover that they can learn. They can reach a deeper connection with a teacher or another student. It is a place where the quality of a relationship resonates with meaning and involves feelings of belonging to a community. The staff and faculty of The GAP School make it their priority to guide students and families to find meaning and purpose about big questions regarding learning, belonging, focusing, reconnecting and feeling smart!

The GAP Schools’ Mission is to provide intensive therapeutic intervention programs in the academic, cognitive, developmental, and emotional domains to students who need to refocus, retrain and reconnect with their learning and human potential; and to support and guide our families.

A family can choose from three different programs for their child/teen:

  • The Therapeutic Intervention Program ­ For students ages 6-15 with learning disabilities, special learning needs and AD/HD
  • The Therapeutic Spectrum Program ­ For students ages 3-11 with autism, autism spectrum disorders and behavioral disorders who need individualized behavioral therapy
  • The Therapeutic Social Skills Program ­ For campers ages 5-11 who need to practice navigating their social worlds more efficiently.

To learn more, please see The Gap School on the WWW or call us at: 941.924.6373

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