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Gary M. Eisenberg, Ph.D.

child teen psychologist school advocate Boca Raton Florida

Evaluations, Parent Direction, Advocacy, School Consults for Autism/Asperger's in Boca Raton

950 Glades Road, Suite 1A
Boca Raton, FL

Tel: 561-392-1414
Fax: 561-391-2722


Child Psychologist with subspecialty in Autism Spectrum + Asperger's
in Boca Raton Florida

We are fully versed in the developmental idiosyncrasies that may suggest autism. After an initial evaluation, Dr. Eisenberg's teaches "Intro. to Autism" to parents including how to communicate and discipline your child. Interventions recommended might include diet, Applied Behavioral Analysis, specialized preschool education and supplements (with medical consult). Parents are helped to speak the language of their child so that parental expectations and behavioral boundaries can be made clear. A plan is then devised to sculpt more advanced behavior from your child.

I am not label-oriented so many times a child is just thought to have quirks or a unique development. You will get an honest appraisal and my 30 years of experience with 7000 patients.

I also specialize in the type of evaluation that older Spectrum children need to receive services from the school system. This might include understanding any coexisting learning disabilities or attention deficits. I also run a social skills group for elementary age children.

Fully schooled in Advocacy I can also attend your child's IEP and push for their needs. (Remember the Squeaky Wheel.)

Please refer to my Nationwide course on the topic called Complementary Interventions for Autism, Asperger's, Sensory and ADHD"

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