Connections Center
RDI Autism Intervention

autism intervention Texas

autism intervention Texas

"Empowering families through RDI"

4120 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77025

Tel: 713-838-1362

Empowering Families through RDI"

RDI is an autism intervention that takes the power of remediation from the professionals and puts it in the hands of parents. Guided by certified RDI clinicians, parents are provided the tools to effectively teach Relationship Intelligence skills and motivation to their children.

Each child is provided with a tailored program to fit their particular needs while starting at the foundations of the disorder. Gradually as confidence and competence are shared and sustained RDI becomes much more than an intervention, it becomes a fulfilling lifestyle.

Instead of teaching short term compensating, RDI is centered on treating the core deficits of autism.

At Connections Center, we also train professionals and parents in the use of RDI, and we provide an RDI certification program for professionals and parents.

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