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Teamwork Wins Ltd.

at risk youth therapeutic programs

Teamwork Wins provides assistance to children with Invisible Challenges

3535 Moreland Rd. Unit B
Willow Grove, PA 19090

Tel: 215-680-2351



Where Everyone is a Winner

Teamwork Wins Ltd’s (TWW) Mission and Goal:

The Mission of TWW is to assist children with Invisible Challenges by embracing the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical needs that keep them from “FITTING IN” with the rest of the world. Invisible Challenges include, but are not limited to gifted children, autism, dyslexia, AD/HD, depression, abuse, anxiety and behavior challenges.

Our goal is to help these special individuals be in touch with who they are and assist them in learning how to be themselves. As a result, they will learn to integrate with society in a healthy way and see that they can be different and unique, yet blend with society.

Our Objectives include:

  1. Providing forums for effective programs for our youth with Invisible Challenges through the following programs:
    • Children’s program including: The Conscious Kids Camp, Conscious Teens Monthly Hang-Out, and CHAMPS (Conscious Help And Mentoring for Pre-school Students).These programs teach social and personal awareness tools to kids so they can cope with their feelings, and with social interactions. They place emphasis on learning the consequences of a person's own decisions.
    • P.A.C.T. (Prisoners and their Children Transitioning) -- a national program that assists mothers/prisoners and their children in developing peace and balance within and the functional social skills necessary to reintegrate with society in a positive manner.
    • P.I.E.C.E. (Placing Individuals thru Education and Coaching for Employment) - a program to help our youth (teens/college) in need find a piece of the American Dream. This program assists Young Adults (Teens/College) with Invisible Challenges in search of Employment. The Team teaches interviewing and job hunting skills. We will assist/coach/mentor them in retaining these positions, becoming aware of their special talents, and most importantly becoming their own Self-Advocates. (one yr. program)

  2. Serving as a resource for children with Invisible Challenges to access these services.
  3. Disseminating information via marketing and website access about practitioners who provide quality services, therapies, and approaches for children with Invisible Challenges.

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