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Autism and Aspergers Syndrome --
Treatment Options, Therapy, Support, and Tips for your Child


  Job and Life Skills Training for People with Asperger's: True Colors
by Co-Authors: Michael McManmon, Ed.D, Brenda Brown, MSW, and True Rafferty


  Experts Brace for Wave of Autistic Adults, and the Young Adult Transition Programs
from the San Francisco Chronicle


  Raising Resilient Children: Parenting Your ASD or LD Child for Post-Secondary Success
by Christine Ryan, Ph.D. and Jenel Meier, M.S. of


  Autism Awareness Month: Why This Matters
by Elizabeth Roberts, PsyD, of


  Bullying and Your Special Needs Child
by Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., Director of School Finders, LLC.


  Asperger's Diagnosis in Adults and Young Adults: an interview
by Dr. Michael McManmon, Ed.D.


  Special Education Advocacy 101: What Every Parent Needs to Know
by Sheryl Frishman, Esq., Frishman & Faber, Mt. Kisco, NY


  Weighted Vests for Kids with Sensory Disorder
from Fun and Function, creators of kid-friendly sensory tools and therapy equipment


  From Devastation to Acceptance to Advocacy: The Journey of a Mother & Attorney Through the Maze of Autism
by Sheryl Frishman, Esq., Frishman & Faber, Mt. Kisco,NY


  "I am an Apple" -- Aspergers / LD students in the Conventional Learning World
by Dr. Michael McManmon, Ed.D.


  Building Blocks to Independent Living for Young Adults with Special Needs
by Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo, Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, Chapel Haven


  Vocational Training Options for your Child with LD
By Denise Watson, the Glenholme School


  The Proposed Elimination of Asperger's As a Legitimate Medical Diagnosis
by Gary M, Eisenberg, Ph.D.,Child Psychologist, Boca Raton, FL


  Person Centered Planning: Help Your Young Adult with Asperger's Chart Her / His Own Course
by Dr. Michael McManmon, Ed.D.


  Self-regulation and its Impact on Learning
by Craig Selinger, M.S., President of Brooklyn Learning


  What is Aspergers Syndrome?
by Dore Frances, MA, founder of Horizon Family Solutions, LLC


  No Link between Autism and Vaccines
by Dr. Michael Oberschneider, Director of Ashburn Psychological Services


  Student With Asperger's Overcomes Obstacles and Acclimate to College Life
by Sarah Blackwelder Williams, of CIP (the College Internship Program)


  Reframing Social Situations Helps Young Adults with Aspergers Improve Their Social Skills
By Michael McManmon, EdD, and Dan McManmon, BA, of the College Internship Program (CIP)


  Visual Learning Strategies for Children with Autism / Asperger's
by Sarah Major, MA, Child1st Publications


  Children with Asperger's Syndrome: Characteristics/Learning Styles and Intervention Strategies
by Susan Stokes, Autism Consultant


  How Brain Training Can Help a Child with Autism / PDD
by Kim Hanson, of LearningRx


  How to Choose a Camp for Your Child with Special Needs and / or LD
by Dr. Judith Greenberg, of School Finders, LLC


  Bridging the Gap: Students on Spectrum Find Hope After High School
By Sarah Blackwelder-Williams


  Games and Pretend Play at an Early Age Can Improve I.Q., Language and Social Skills
From Fun and Function Toys, LLC


  Music Can Make Learning Fun and Engaging for Children with LD
by Heather Lewis of


  Two Important Issues To Address For Symptoms Along The Autistic Spectrum
by By C.C. Raphael, Director of Operations, Evenbetternow, LLC


  Options and Treatments for Aspergers Syndrome
by Dave Angel


  What is a Functional Behavior Assessment "FBA" and Why do I Need One?
by Sheryl Frishman, Esq., Frishman & Faber, Mt. Kisco,NY


  Can that be Right? IQ and Autism
by Allison Hertog, J.D., Florida School Partners advocacy


  What is Executive Functioning, and what can be done for people with Executive Functioning Difficulties?
by Scott Crouse, of


  Alternative Approaches to Multiply Disabled Children -- Autism and Cerebral Palsy
by Andrew Brereton


  Non Verbal Learning Disabilities (NLVD) and the Implications for Your Child
by Scott Crouse, of


  Learning independent Living Skills at Home:   Give your child a net, not a fish
By Douglas Gould, Residential Coordinator, The Berkshire Center


  Traveling with Special Needs Children
by Aviva Weiss, Founder of Fun and Function Toys, LLC


  Transition to Adult Skills for Teens with Aspergers
by Sandi Kahn Shelton, The New Haven Register


  The Art of Letting Go -- Aspergers / LD students Living on Their Own or At School
by Dr. Michael McManmon, Ed.D.



  How to Cope with Your Child's Diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome
by Dave Angel


  Dealing with Aggression in Children with Aspergers
by Dave Angel, Social Worker


  Five Different Types of Autism
by Rachel Evans


  Early Indicators of Autism in Very Young Children
by Dr. Jared Maloff, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA



  Transition Program for Young Adults with Aspergers Syndrome
by Judith Lefkotwitz, Chapel Haven, New Haven, CT, and Tucson, AZ


  Autism Treatment and Brain Wave Therapy
by Jean Charles Genet, Theeforce, LLC


  How Much Therapy Is Good For Your Autistic Child
by Jean Charles Genet, Theeforce, LLC


  Autistic Children and Thought Transference
by Jean Charles Genet, Theeforce, LLC



  A Guide to Disability Law and Special Education
by William A. Lybarger, Ph.D., Expert Witness for Special Education Needs



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