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The Total Transformation® Program

Empowering Courageous Tools to help solve real life behavior problems

10 Speirs St
Westbrook, ME 04092


A guided training program to help parents manage challenging behaviors in children and teens.

Q: What types of behavior problems are covered in the program?

James Lehman : "The Total Transformation® program will help you deal with all the behaviors children and adolescents present as they develop into young adults. We focus primarily on the problem behaviors that prevent a child from getting along with others: developing self-esteem, managing anger, under achievement, school performance, substance abuse, and general social problem solving. We will give you specific tools and techniques to deal with problems such as fighting, arguing with parents, lying, temper tantrums, talking back, destroying property, picking on siblings or classmates, acting sullen and withdrawn, lack of motivation, cigarette smoking, substance abuse, and behavior problems in school and in the community. It's important to note that the skills you learn in the program will help you to parent all your children, not only those who have attitude or behavior problems."

Q: How long will it take to achieve a real change in my child's behavior?

James : "Individual families will vary, but you should notice changes in your child and in yourself the very first day you use the The Total Transformation® techniques. As you learn more about effective parenting roles, behavior management techniques, and problem-solving tools, you will see even more significant, lasting changes in your child's attitude. Parenting your child will become easier for you and a lot more enjoyable."

Q: My child has a diagnosis (such as ADD, ADHD, ODD, bipolar disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, etc.) Will it work for him?

James : "Yes. I believe that children who have been diagnosed with a neurological or mental health disorder will absolutely benefit from the parenting tools and techniques in The Total Transformation® program. Emotional and behavioral disorders interfere with a child’s self-management and problem-solving skills. So The Total Transformation® program is especially helpful, and indeed necessary, for children who are living with these conditions."

Q: What is the age range for this program?

James : "I've used the techniques and concepts in The Total Transformation® program successfully with children as young as five years of age. The Total Transformation® is a valuable resource for parents of children of any age, because it provides guidelines to help you develop the most effective and productive parenting styles for any given situation."

Q: Can this program work for me if I’m divorced and my son’s father lets him get away with everything at his house?

James : "One of the primary goals of the TT program is to develop a "culture of accountability" between you and your child. You will be able to teach your child to be accountable for his behavior in your home, regardless of the standards of behavior and expectations in the other parent’s home."

Q: Can grandparents use The Total Transformation® program?

James : "Absolutely. Grandparents find the information in The Total Transformation® to be of tremendous benefit in training and managing their grandchildren, whether on visits or as caretakers. In some families, it is the grandparents who must lead the way in opening their children’s minds to more effective parenting interventions, and The Total Transformation® provides them with that opportunity."

Q: Can The Total Transformation® program be used by teachers, educational technicians and counselors?

James : "Every adult who deals with children in a meaningful way will benefit from the concepts and practical ideas presented in The Total Transformation® program."

Q: Is there anyone who shouldn't use program?

James : "Children with severe autism, profound mental retardation, and disorders that result in an inability to communicate will generally not benefit from the techniques outlined in The Total Transformation® program. But their parents will definitely benefit from the parenting concepts taught in the program."

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