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Downloadable Coloring

223 Park Ridge Rd
Park Ridge

Tel: +61 405 064 348
From within Australia:, 0405 064 348

Coloring for Older Children to Adults is downloadable coloring pictures designed for older children to adults.

For Rehabilitation:

Coloring-in Debbie's artwork is a form of Brain Gym. It develops fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination, patterning, and imagination. Detailed coloring like this is also a calming activity

The artwork can be reused as they download as a file (opened in the ‘Paint’ Program or can be printed out and hand colored.

The artist worked as a Teacher Aide for 12 years, working both in Primary and Secondary, general and Special Education. During this time, she noticed a lot of colouring in was directed at younger children and was not challenging enough for older students. She then started sharing her designs with the students.

These amazing designs are inspired by the 70's and Debbie Neale (Artist) has worked in schools for 12 years and noticed the lack of coloring designs for older students and adults

Debbie's Alphabet!

Coming soon! Use the letters of Debbie's Alphabet to make up signs, your name, anything.

Visit to purchase.

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