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Rebecca School

therapeutic day school for autism and other Neurodevelopmental disorders in New York

Building Relationships through Learning
in New York City

40 E. 30th Street

New York, NY 10016

Tel: (212) 810-4120
Fax: (212) 810-4121

E-Mail: info@rebeccaschool.org


Rebecca School Program
Therapeutic Day School for Autism, PDD, and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders in New York City for children 4 to 18

Rebecca School is a therapeutic day school in New York City for children 4 to 18, promoting the education and development of children with neurodevelopmental disorders of relating and communicating, including PDD and autism.

At Rebecca School, we consider the variations in individual motor and sensory processing systems and tailor each child's program to his or her specific needs. There is no "one-size-fits-all" for children with neurodevelopmental delays in relating and communicating. Each child has unique strengths to be developed and limitations to be remediated. Our goal is not to fit the child to the program but to fit the program to the child.

At the Rebecca School, students are exposed to a wide variety of literature including poems, songs, fairy tales, plays, and non-fiction. The literacy program at the Rebecca School places comprehension as the primary focus. Through the literacy program, we support the studentís symbolic thinking rather than memory-based skills. Our literacy goals address four major areas; comprehension, fluency, word recognition, and interest in reading. We use the following programs to inform our curricular approach New York State Standards; Balanced Literacy, Lindamood- Bell: Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking (V/V) and Handwriting without Tears

We utilize the Developmental Individual Difference Relationship-based (DIR) model. The DIR methodology, developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder, proceeds from the core belief that relationships are the foundation of learning.

We provide students with a comprehensive therapeutic program in a real school environment that enhances their life experiences and nurtures their talents. Our enrichment program reflects mainstream private school offerings in science, art, music and movement, gym and technology. We provide the related services of speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling as appropriate. The curriculum incorporates academics, Floor Time, social skills training, sensory integration and behavior modification.


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