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The Thinking Center

medical, psychological, educational remediation center Sarasota Florida

Florida's Educational-Medical Intervention Team
5989 Approach Road
Sarasota, FL 34238

Tel: 941.924.6373

Fax: 941.923.9520


Tutoring, Dyslexia & Cognitive Training, IEP & Transition Services, & Parentcollegy in Florida

Tutoring and Educational Assessments for LD & Gifted     Cognitive Training for Children & Adults    Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalcula, IEP & Transition Services    Academic Crisis Intervention    On-Line Academy    Summer Camps    Special Educational Events 

The Thinking Center has been a one stop shop educational service center since 1991. We provide learning specialists, art and music therapists, family counselors, behavioral/developmental pediatrician and neurodevelopmental child psychologist.

We specialize in helping young students and adults who struggle with learning. We take a cognitive approach to tutoring and training which means that we teach people how to learn - not to just prepare for a class or test. We also specialize in reading training and language training. We help prepare students for the FCAT and SAT. Our programs are delivered as a one-to-one model except for our summer camps and special educational events.

We provide help in all of the following areas:

Educational Medical Therapeutic
Attention, Organization and Cognitive Skills Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians Art Therapy
Consulting Services inc. Transition Services & IEP Assistance Developmental Nurse Specialist Child/family Counseling
Handwriting & Keyboard Training Neurodevelopmental Psychologists Occupational Therapy
Language and Vocabulary Training Nutritional Coaching Patient Coaching
Math & Number Sense School Psychologists Play Therapy
Reading and Dyslexia Training Social Workers Play Therapy
Spelling & Writing Fluency Social Workers Speech Language Therapy
Testing & Assessments Whole Child Evaluations Sensory Integration

To learn more, please see The Thinking Center on the WWW or call us at: 941.924.6373

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