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Canvastic LLC

Finally, A Tool Not a Toy!

12635 Flagg Dr.
Ste 101
Lafayette, CO 80026-9557

Tel: 877.579.8207
Fax: 303.942.3667

Desktop Publishing for K-8

A brand new student focused graphics/text publishing tool for schools.
  • Easy to understand tools and options
  • Clear, clean interface and clear on-line display
  • Perfect for Special Needs Students because its capabilities "Grow with the User's" abilities

Canvastic is the first software publishing tool designed for K-8 students and teachers. Students can create text, graphics, and presentations and combine them all.

Since, every student is different and interacts with technology and software in different ways, Canvastic was designed to be very flexible from its conception. Unlike most computer programs that present a screen that is full of buttons, options and functions, Canvastic only shows what the instructor wants it to show. It can be as basic and limited as needed.

A student that has never created a document on a computer can be given a canvas, a paint brush, and colors as the total environment. When a student has mastered those capabilities more tools and functions can be added one by one. The instructor can teach the proper use of each tool and the student can start using that tool in conjunction with just the ones she already knows.

Canvastic is not a toy like others we use. And it is not complicated like tools made for adults or professionals. It is only as complicated as it needs to be for the age/ability of the user. The available tools, the arrangement on screen, the capabilities and options presented are all parts of Canvastic's scalable interface that is marketed with the term 'Grows With the User'.

Canvastic runs on both Mac and Windows. It is also very affordable!

Canvastic 1.1 is ready for download.

<Visit to download a demo or to purchase. -->

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