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Practice Effective Guidance Strategies (PEGS)

oftware for classroom management

Interactive Tools for Positive Classroom Management

1770 N Research Pkwy, Suite 160
North Logan, UT 84341

Tel: 888-561-9500
Fax: 435-755-6917

Interactive training for positive classroom managment

Practice Effective Guidance Strategies (PEGS) is a research based, research proven program designed to help adults who teach children become skilled classroom managers. The purpose of PEGS is to improve student achievement by providing adults with a way to acquire, through realistic practice, the skills needed to help children and teens participate fully in the learning process.
  • Use positive strategies that help students participate in acceptable ways.

  • Try new strategies in one-on-one and small groups situations.

  • Apply the strategies to students with varying problem behaviors.

  • Recognize your most effective classroom management strategies.

  • Expand and diversify your skills to improve classroom behavior.

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