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Help for Kids with Special Education Needs -- and Their Families:
Tips, Strategies, Possibilities

Whatever special needs or special education or behavioral issues you and your child are dealing with, you must remember, that you are not the first persons or families to have grappled with these issues. That should offer both comfort, and the promise of experience and advise to help you.

We have assembled a series of articles, insights, explanations, and suggestions to help you rethink your problems, reframe your questions, and find new directions to seek help for your child and your family.

Please look at these subject titles, and explore the information our experts and friends can offer you. None of this information is offered as definitive help or advise for your particular needs, but it will surely offer you food for thought and a possible professional help direction to pursue.


Bullying and Kids with Special Needs

Physical Injuries and Therapy

Special Needs Advocacy

Parenting Skills and Issues

Assessment and Evaluation

Psychoeducational Testing and Accommodations for LD Kids, Teens, and Adults

At Risk Teens / School and Program Placement / Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

Choosing a School, Program, or Camp for your LD Child
College and College Preparation

Reading Skills and Reading and Math Comprehension -- Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Your Child

Acquiring Learning Skills, Study Skills

Homeschooling LD Kids

Speech Therapy and Communictaions

Transition Programs and Gap Year Programs

Learning Strategies and Tutoring for Special Needs

Software for Teaching Kids with Special Needs

Special Needs Therapy

Special Needs Law and Legal Advocacy



Disclaimer: Internet Special Education Resources (ISER) provides this information in an effort to help parents find local special education professionals, resources, and treatment plans. ISER does not recommend or endorse any particular special education referral source, treatment method, type of special education professional, or specific special education professional.

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