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How Much Therapy Is Good For Your Child?

by Jean Charles Genet

All parents who have a child who is suffering from autism are constantly looking for ways to help their child end their experience with this devastating disorder.

As a researcher I take on those individuals who have exhausted all the benefit the medical community has to offer with a disorder like autism and still need some type of a solution.

The average age of the children I assist is four years old although ages can range from eighteen months to 38 years old. One of the questions I ask in the Child Profile is how many therapies the child is participating in? The average amount of therapies listed are nine (9) and the highest amount of therapies has been over twenty (20).

My area of research is into brain mechanisms, how the brain works. The brain is looked at as a computer, a processor of information. During the sleep cycle this brain/computer enters into specific frequencies to activate what we call developmental switches. These switches connect the brain/computer to its mental, physical, and emotional software.

Stress when it enters the body whether from an outside source or from the chemicals in vaccines, creates static energy like "static" on a radio. This static energy travels along a neuro-pathway between the brain/computer and its software and moves into these developmental switches that we mentally see as crystalline structures. Over time this negative energy begins to break down or damage these crystalline structures/developmental switches and within a short period of time there is less and less contact between the brain/computer and its software. When this happens the child begins to lose their ability to develop speech, emotional contact, or mental focus due to the fact that the brain/computer cannot connect to its mental, physical, and emotional software. Also the brain begins to lose its ability to ground to its physical body and starts moving out of control and moves into what we call hyper-drive or what has been labeled as Attention Deficit Disorder. On one side of the brain the child is processing at genius levels but on the other side the child cannot maintain that genius in our reality since the brain cannot ground to this physical reality.

The main therapies for autism are; speech, behavior, and occupational protocols. These therapies should be complimented with a good multi-vitamin, a diet free of dairy, wheat, and sugar. And, of course, a stable, secure environment to grow up in. Parents in a desperate need to end their child's experience with autism begin to apply any therapy that has been promoted to bring about a result. The problem with this scenario is that every time you introduce a new therapy you give the brain a new set of instructions to follow. Inevitably, the brain receives more and more conflicting instructions telling it to do the opposite of what it was instructed to do before and will eventually begin to shut itself down. I have parents tell me that their child is non responsive to any therapy.

I always ask the parent to put themselves in their child's body and from that vantage point determine if they could stand up to so much stimulus themselves. I remember one parent who had subjected their two year child to over 20 therapies at one time. The parent would not have been able to survive that much intervention and of course their child wouldn't be able to either.

Remember! The best therapies are the ones that help in developing speech, proper behavior, and occupational protocols so that the child can eventually integrate back into society. Please be aware that until these developmental switches that connect the brain/computer to its software are repaired then any therapy you employ will only provide a marginal result. The problem is that you have to pay full price.

Jean Genet is the founder of the National Center For Integrative Medicine, the National Research Center for Chronic Fatique and Debilitating Disorders, the North Star Dolphin Research Project and and through this research ended his experience with autism.
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