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Two Important Issues To Address For Symptoms Along The Autistic Spectrum

By C.C. Raphael, Director of Operations, Evenbetternow, LLC

Autism seems to have much in common with many chronic, degenerative and autoimmune disorders that plague adults. What are the common threads that link all these symptoms in both adults and children?

In his book, Never Be Sick Again, Raymond Francis, an MIT trained chemist and recognized leader in the field of optimal health maintenance, has stated that since the end of WWII, most chronic, degenerative disorders are triggered by the cumulative toxic burden on the body and the subsequent inability of the body to absorb vital nutrients because of it.

There are some independent studies that strongly suggest that symptoms along the Autistic Spectrum are often triggered by the cumulative toxic insult on children with certain genetic pre-dispositions. In particular, the heavy vaccination schedule has been shown to stimulate brain immunity. Outside of the presence of animal viral antibodies, animal pus, hydrogenated fats, heavy metal preservatives, etc, there is the presence in many vaccines of adjuvant molecules. These molecules help to attenuate the vaccine that is, to help stimulate immunity without giving the disease itself. These molecules along with the synergistic effect of the other ingredients have been shown to stimulate brain immunity in children. The consequent "misplaced immunity" can create behavior problems, hyperactivity, irritability, neurological problems, and food sensitivities (particularly to wheat, dairy, corn and soy).

To add insult to injury, heavy metals and chemicals compete for the same biological space as essential minerals and many nutrients. Therefore, these nutrients never reach their receptor sites. That is why so many of these kids are deficient in magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C and the B vitamins. They become toxic AND undernourished.

And so, the two keys become to decrease this cumulative toxic burden on their bodies through safe chelation, clay baths, FAR infrared saunas, etc, and to implement a proper, whole foods diet that eliminates or significantly decreases refined carbohydrates, sugary foods, packaged and preserved foods, a lot of dairy, sodas, etc. These foods create more sugar that yeast and fungus thrive on. That is one of the reasons why candida becomes a systemic problem for many of these children (along with heavy metal toxicity).

A focus on a safe and effective detoxification program and an emphasis on alkaline-producing, whole food nutrition and supplementation is vital to all these children.

C.C. Raphael, is the Director of Operations, for Evenbetternow, LLC, located at: 1870 W. Prince Rd., Unit #54, Tucson, AZ 85705. Call them Toll-free (USA) 877-562-6039 or 520-877-2637 for International callers. Fax Even Better Now at: 520-887-0298. To reach them via email,

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