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The 90 minute investment that could change your child's life forever.

from LearningRx
For too long, education has been one area of life where parents are asked to make lifeshaping decisions about their children with virtually no detailed knowledge—no basic screening. If your child struggles to learn or read, you do have an alternative. Here's the truth about an educational breakthrough many parents just like you have already experienced

If your child struggles to learn or read, no doubt you have probably taken most of the common steps to help—steps like tutoring, extra time with homework, and perhaps even arranged IEPs or special classes through a teacher. Maybe you've felt compelled to try supplements or even medications.

If you are reading this article, it's safe to guess you found the results of your own e_orts a little disappointing. Don't despair. The fact is something is holding your child back. But what you may not know is exactly what that something is and exactly why these common “solutions” can't stop the struggles.

Answers You Need Now
Every day, specialists use tests to spot medical problems before disaster strikes. Technology such as mammograms, heart scans, EKGs, cholesterol screenings, dental, hearing, and eye exams are commonly available and frequently used to uncover potential problems before they become more serious or untreatable.

So why is the unseen cause behind your son's or daughter's frustration such a mystery to solve? Honestly, it isn't.

Every student's ability to learn easily and quickly and to read fluently and with great comprehension depends on a strong set of underlying mental skills—a specific set of skills new brain science has revealed, and, best of all, can accurately measure. During all learning and thinking these cognitive skills perform such tasks as processing new information, recalling previously learned information, creating logical relationships, reasoning out answers, sorting out sounds, recognizing and manipulating visual images, and more. If skills such as auditory processing, memory, or visual processing are not strong, students will struggle.

A simple and accurate cognitive skills test can measure and reveal underlying skills weakness that are often the cause of persistent learning problems.

A Real-World Example
Here is an example of what you could learn and how it could help your child in school: If your son excels at video games and sports but cannot, or will not, read well, testing may uncover specific auditory skill weaknesses that prevent him from recognizing and being able to distinguish individual letter sounds. If he is battling such a skill weakness he may try to guess at words, draw meaning from pictures and illustrations, and usually—sooner rather than later—just give up in frustration. As long as the auditory skill weakness remains undetected and untreated, your son will be denied the joys of reading. Once uncovered, skill weaknesses can be targeted and strengthened. When the speci_c auditory skill weakness is corrected, reading becomes a very real and likely possibility.

A Valuable and Affordable Option
Wrong choices can be costly. False starts, repeated tutoring, doctors, medications, and special schools— the list can go on. The price for students and parents is magnified when wrong choices don't bring about any real change. Too often this is the story. The ultimate cost no one can afford is for frustration and failure to become a permanent presence in your child's life.

LearningRx offers parents an alternative. We believe that parents need and deserve access to affordable, high-quality, professional testing for their children. That's why nationally acclaimed cognitive skills testing is now available to you through our learning centers nationwide. The specific knowledge you gain from this 90-minute assessment will help you know exactly how your child learns, why they might struggle with speci_c areas of study, and what you can do to help them overcome those problems.

If you are ready to move your child into a lifetime of learning and reading success, this week is the perfect time to get the answers you need for his or her learning or reading struggles. If your child didn't perform as well as you hoped last year—but you don't know why—devote 90 minutes to having your child's cognitive skills tested at LearningRx. It's a smart decision you'll be thankful you made for years to come.

Call LearningRx to get your questions answered. It may be one of the most valuable calls you have ever made.

If you believe there is unrealized learning potential in yourself or someone you love, a simple cognitive skills test could be the key to unlock that potential. At LearningRx, we offer such testing as a wise and affordable first step. Please give us a call today. We can answer your questions and help test and strengthen skills that can lead to that brighter future. .

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