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Choose the Right -- Not the Wrong -- Educational Consultant

by Dore Frances, IEC, MA, founder of Horizon Family Solutions, LLC
An Educational Consultant May Not Be Worth Hiring When .....
  • They don't get out of the office to travel outside their area and visit programs, schools, wilderness camps to meet with with admissions staff, clinical staff. They only read school brochures and use the Internet just like you.
  • They don't have a services agreement / contract that details all of their provided services as well as their fee.
  • They guarantee a scholarship.
  • They have no formal education or training, and don't attend training seminars, workshops or conferences.
  • They are not part of any professional association in which they participate.
  • They have no statement of ethics in writing on their website or available to you in writing.
  • They have no business resume available for your review.
  • They promise to use their "pull" to secure admission to a particular program or school.
  • They tell you not to worry about all the details on the program or school application forms....they'll assist you in filling all of that out.
  • They tell you that while they accept "finders fees" or "other compensation" from certain programs and schools, they would never let that influence their recommendations.
  • They work with only a limited number of programs all owned by or under the same umbrella of the same corporation or even are limited to just one program.
  • They have no references from parents whose children have been placed in many different types of programs or schools all across the United States.
  • They have no references from various programs all across the United States as to their ethical and professional relationship.
  • They do not take time to get detailed information about your child's educational needs, likes/dislikes, family component, issues and behaviors of concern, medical history, medications taking, and even your family financial status before starting the process.
  • They tell you they can have an "escort team" pick up your child and have them in their program in 24 hours, all you have to do is sign their small amount of paperwork quickly, since you are in crisis.

Dore Frances, IEC, MA, is an educcational consultant, childs right advocate, parent coach, specializing in working with troubled teens and their families in the United States, Canda, and abroad. See her site at: or contact her by phone at:(541) 312-4422, or email
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