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CPSE/CSE Meeting Pointers

by Sheryl R. Frishman, Esq.
Frishman & Faber
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How Should a Parent Prepare for and Participate in a CSE Meeting?

How should a parent prepare for and participate in a CSE meeting?

  • Prepare a meeting agenda with the three most important things that you hope to accomplish
  • Spirit of collaboration
  • Listen to all CSE members
  • Assert yourself and redirect members to the purpose of the meeting outlined in the meeting agenda
  • Remember, the parent is a member of the CPSE/CSE and must be afforded meaningful participation

What should a parent consider in drafting the child's IEP?

  • Goals: focus on IEP goals. The goals are the roadmap.
  • Include functional goals (nonacademic routine activities of daily living) that help children function in the world
  • Services: all special education and related services must be listed in the IEP
  • CPSE/CSE team must consider for each child with a disability whether extended year services (EYS) are necessary to provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education "FAPE" (student will suffer significant regression of skills or knowledge, followed by an insufficient recoupment during the next school year; other considerations for EYS). EYS must run for at least 30 days.
  • Is "parent training" an option.
  • Remember, the child is entitled to receive meaningful educational benefit from FAPE but is not entitled to the best program

What are the characteristics of good IEP goals?

  • Goals must be clear, objective, observable, and measurable: consider what you want the student to know or be able to do at the end of the academic year as a result of the IEP.
  • Consider goals in the following areas: study skills, academic (reading, writing, math); social/emotional/behavioral/; speech/language/oral motor; occupational therapy; daily living skills; physical therapy
  • Annual IEP goals; short-term instructional objectives and benchmarks required only for students with severe disabilities who are eligible for alternative assessments

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