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NASA May Have Found A Way To End Autism

by Jean Charles Genet

During the initial stages of space research NASA began to notice that astronauts during a prolonged stay in a weightless environment began to develop autistic-like symptoms; slurring of speech and inability to mentally focus on physical tasks. Traditional medicine is made of up body mechanics/surgery and pharmacology. Neither one works in a weightless environment. Medications are suspended inside the body and when operated on the bodily fluids float in midair above the patient.

To address this problem NASA began to focus its research on the frequencies the brain generates when medication is applied. The premise was that if you could create these frequencies from an outside source then you could have the same benefit created by medications without the side effects. Eventually this research became known as Brain Wave Therapy.

More and more researchers like myself now look at the brain as a computer. As with any computer, the brain needs to connect to internal software programs to perform speech, emotional contact, mental focus and physical movement.

Stress when it enters the body becomes static like static on a radio. It is this researcher's belief that chemicals in vaccines join with the chemicals in the brain and travels along the neuro pathway between the brain/computer and its software and enters into crystal-like structures I term as Developmental Switches. These switches seem to serve as bridges that connect the brain/computer to its software. Chemicals in the vaccines seem to damage these crystal-like structures and, over time, breaks them down until there is less and less contact between the brain/computer and its software. When this occurs the child begins to lose their ability to develop speech, emotional contact, and mental focus since their brain/computer cannot maintain contact with its software.

New computer technologies has taken advantage of NASA's original research in brain wave therapy and determined the frequencies that researchers like myself believe can repair the developmental switches that connect the brain/computer to its software eventually giving the child with autism the opportunity to recover speech, emotional contact, mental focus, and physical vitality.

Originally this form of brain wave therapy was applied with cumbersome brain wave machines that required the child to come to a clinic. This proved to be expensive over time. Now technology has caught up with itself and brain wave therapy can now be applied inexpensively while listening to a CD when going to sleep at night. Now there is an opportunity to enhance the ability of the brain to end its experience with autism.

Jean Genet is a leading researcher in brain wave therapy and has used this technology to end his own experience with autism.
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