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Tutoring Programs, Tutors, and Learning Skill Help for Your Child with LD --
Reading Readiness, Fluency Issues, Phoemic Awareness, and more
Tips, Ideas, Thoughts to Consider


  Teaching Children with Learning Challenges: A Fresh Look
by Sarah Major, Child1st Publications, LLC


  Choosing a Tutor, Learning Specialist, or Learning Therapist
by Matt Lundquist, LMSW, MSEd, New York, NY


  Self-regulation and its Impact on Learning
by Craig Selinger, M.S., President of Brooklyn Learning


  Tutoring for Your Child -- A Process, Not a Cure
by Jonathan D. Carroll, M.A., Carroll Educational Group, Inc.


  Orton-Gillingham: From Dyslexia to Reading Mastery
by Melissa Katz, M.A., MK Educational Therapy, New York Metro Area


  How Multisensory Reading Methods Help Struggling Readers
by Sarah Major, Child1st Publications, LLC


  Do the Research to Find the Right Tutor for your Child with LD
by Craig Selinger, M.S., President of Brooklyn Learning


  Help Your Child Improve on His / Her Cognitive Skills Through Training
by Kim Hanson, of LearningRx


  The Impact of Hemispheric Dominance on Learning to Read
by Sara Major, M.A., of


  Davis Dyslexia Correction Explained
by Abigail Marshall of Davis Dyslexia Association International


  Help Your Child with ADHD Succeed in Math
by Melissa Katz, M.S., with MK Educational Therapy


  Choosing a Reading Specialist
by Matt Lundquist, LMSW, MSEd, New York, NY


  Finding the Right Learning Specialist to Tutor Your Child
by John Toker, M.Ed. LD,


  How Good Students Benefit from Brain Training
By Wendy Burt-Thomas for LearningRx


  The Correlation between Involvement in the Arts and Good Grades
By Wendy Burt-Thomas for LearningRx


  Does My Child Need Tutoring or Does He Need Treatment?
by Linda Balsiger, M.S., CCC-SLP


  Can I Homeschool a Child with CAPD?
by Mary Arnold, of


  The Wilson Reading System for Children with Learning Disabilities
by Terry McHugh, Reading Specialist and Tutor


  Back-to-school help for kids with ADD/ADHD
By Wendy Burt-Thomas for LearningRx


  Why Reading is Not a Natural Process
by By Ann Dolin, M.Ed, and Laura Rheinauer, Educational Connections, Inc


  Early Intervention for Reading Problems: the Reading Gap
by Linda Balsiger, M.S., CCC-SLP


  Brain Training: Prevent the Summer Slide
by The Bethesda LearningRx Brain Training Center: National Speech/Language Therapy Center


  Building Better Readers
by Sabra Gelfond, M.A., CCC-SLP, National Speech/Language Therapy Center


  Music Can Make Learning Fun and Engaging
by Heather Lewis of


  Reading Readiness and Concept Imagery: "In One Ear and Out the Other"
from The Langsford Learning Center


  I'm Listening, But I Don't Understand
by Dr. Marion Blank



  Poor Readers: Recognize the Risk Factors
by Sabra Gelfond, M.A., CCC-SLP National Speech/Language Therapy Center


  Does My Child Need "Training in Phonological Awareness"
by Dr. Marion Blank


  Imagery: The Sensory-Cognitive Connection for Math
by NANCI BELL AND KIMBERLY TULEY of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes®


  The Arrowsmtih Program and Correcting Learning Dysfunction
by Shaindy Weiss


  Tutoring vs. Brain Training: A Parent's Guide to Making the Right Choice


  Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
By Dr. Jared Maloff, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA



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