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Transition Programs for Young Adults
Gap Year Programs:
Tips, Strategies, Possibilities


  Work Opportunity and Inspiration for Young Adults with Disabilities
from CIP (College Internship Program) Worldwide


  Aging Seniors with Developmental Disabilities Need Independent Living Options, Too!
by Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo, Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, Chapel Haven


  On Creativity: A Wellness Perspective
from CIP (College Internship Program) Worldwide


  Employment Readiness Program for Young Adults with LD
from CIP (College Internship Program) Worldwide


  Person Centered Planning: Help Your Young Adult with Asperger's Chart Her / His Own Course
by Dr. Michael McManmon, Ed.D.


  Learning Disability vs. Learning Difference: How to Avoid Conflict in the Workplace and Postsecondary Settings
by Rob Crawford, director of the Life Development Institute


  Vocational Training Options for your Child with LD
By Denise Watson, the Glenholme School


  Reframing Social Situations Helps Young Adults with Aspergers Improve Their Social Skills
By Michael McManmon, EdD, and Dan McManmon, BA, of the College Internship Program (CIP)


  Your Mental Health vs. Your Job
by Dr. Oberschneider, Director, Ashburn Psychological Services


  Building Blocks to Independent Living for Young Adults with Special Needs
by Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo, Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, Chapel Haven


  Asperger's Diagnosis in Adults and Young Adults: an interview
by Dr. Michael McManmon, Ed.D.


  DisLabeling: Reconciling unnecessary discrimination, exclusion & confusion arising from having "mild" or "significant" disabilities
by Rob Crawford, director of the Life Development Institute


  Experts Brace for Wave of Autistic Adults, and the Young Adult Transition Programs
from the San Francisco Chronicle


  Teaching Accountability to Young Adults in Transition
from At the Crossroads in Washington, Utah


  Finding Jobs for Young Adults with Aspergers: a Creative Approach
from Autism Spectrum News, Fall 2009


  What can I do to help my Learning Disabled Son or Daughter Prepare for College?
from Mitchell College, New LOndon, CT


  Bridging the Gap: Students on Spectrum Find Hope After High School
By Sarah Blackwelder-Williams



  Comprehensive Career Evaluation for People with Learning Differences
by Beth Klein, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist & Academic/Career Consultant


  Support for Students with Learning Disabilities In Transition To College - What parents can do
by Dr. Peter Love,Mitchell College, New London, CT


  Higher expectations of higher education for adults with hidden disabilities
by Rob Crawford, director of the Life Development Institute


  Help Young Adults with Asperger's Syndrome Communicate Apppropriately and Lead Independent Lives
from Autism Spectrum News, Fall 2009



  Therapeutic Camps for LD Kids and Teens
courtesy of Camp SOAR


  Adults with ADHD in the workforce: Non-scientific insights and practical considerations to enhance job retention and career satisfaction.
by Rob Crawford is CEO/Co-founder of the Life Development Institute in Arizona


  Job Seeking Strategies if You are Disbled
By Stephanie Barry, M.S., CCC-SLP of Independent Speech, LLC


  What to Look for in an Educational Consultant
by Dore Frances, M.A., founder, Horizon Family Services.


  Test Stress and the At-Risk Student
By Dr. Judith Greenberg, School Finders, LLC


  How to Manage the High Cost of Boarding School
by Dore Frances, M., founder, Horizon Family Services


  Why Adolescent Treatment is Different from Adult Treatment
By Dore Frances,M.A., founder of Horizon Family Solutions, LLC


  Managing Arguments with Teens -- Why Arguments are not Effective Parenting Tools
By White River Academy Boarding School


  Families of Successful Students in Residential Treatment Have ......
By Dore Frances, MA,, founder, Horizon Family Services


  ADHD Children--What If There Really Isn't Anything Wrong?
By Kirk Martin


  How to Prepare your LD Student for College
by Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., School Finders, LLC.



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