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Career Exploration for Individuals with Learning Differences

by Beth Klein, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist & Academic/Career Consultant

Individuals with learning differences may wonder how they will best fit with career options and the job market. Those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Non-Verbal Learning Disability or Aspergerís Disorder have specific challenges academically, cognitively, and/or socially which manifest not only in academic settings, but also in work environments. There are many types of career assessments available, including:

  • Internet-based questionnaires
  • Assessments provided by large recruiting or employment corporations
  • Career Tests administered by career counselors
  • Personalized and Comprehensive Evaluations conducted by psychologists, which provide insight into educational and career directions that best suit oneís interests, abilities, and personality traits

A Comprehensive Career Evaluation is holistic in scope. These assessments:

  • Address diverse areas of interest which an individual possesses
  • Provide insight into bonafide strengths and weaknesses as they relate to career choice, within the context of learning challenges
  • Consider personality characteristics as they relate to various jobs
  • Openly address past obstacles and successes
  • Provide direction in implementing the best possible path

By using an integrative approach, potential pathways to an appropriate and fulfilling educational and career path can be discovered.

A comprehensive assessment can be administered at various stages in life, from high school through adulthood. A multitude of possible career and educational paths can be considered, from vocational trades to the professions. A great benefit of the evaluation process is the potential to find a career match which was never previously considered. Most importantly, when a career path which truly reflects one's authentic desires, interests and strengths is discovered and nurtured, a new sense of motivation emerges which can lead to greater personal happiness and fulfillment.

Dr. Beth Klein is a Licensed Psychologist, Career and Academic Consultant, as well as a past University Professor. For more information about career exploration, self-improvement and personal growth, please feel free to contact me through the following websites: and

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