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PsychoEducational Assessments and Your Child -- Understanding the Process
What Parents Need to Know

Articles From Special Education Professionals

  Psychoeducational Assessments: When to consider testing, and what to expect from an assessment
by Michelle Matusoff, Ph.D., Orange County, CA psychologist,


  How Early Assessments for Dyslexia Can Make a Difference for Your Child
by Lindsay Whitman, Ph.D. of


  How to effectively seek out a Psychoeducational Evaluation for Accommodations on High Stakes Tests
by Beth Klein, Ph.D., Weston, FL psychologist with


  How a Gifted Child can have ADD-- and What to Do About the Problem
by Rimma Danov, PhD., of Brain Academy Tutoring, Testing & Coaching Center in New York


  Response Speed Delay: What it means When a Child Says "huh?"
by Joan Smith, Ed.D., of


  Asperger's Diagnosis in Adults and Young Adults: an interview
by Dr. Michael McManmon, Ed.D.


  The Gender Gap in Learning Disabilities Diagnosis
by Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., Director of School Finders, LLC


  The Proposed Elimination of Asperger's As a Legitimate Medical Diagnosis
by Gary M, Eisenberg, Ph.D.,Child Psychologist, Boca Raton, FL


  Who is Eligible to Receive Test Accommodations and How to Get Extra Time on Standardized Tests
by Rimma Danov, PhD., of Brain Academy Tutoring, Testing & Coaching Center in New York


  The Impact of Learning Disabilities on the Self
by Dr. Allison Waterworth, Psy.D., ABPP , San Francisco, CA psychologist,


  ADHD Limits Academic Test Scores and Quality of Social Interactions, and increases the chances for TBI
by Diane Danov, PhD., of Brain Academy Tutoring, Testing & Coaching Center in New York


  What is a Psychoeducational Evaluation?
by Dr. M. L. Burgee, Executive Director of Applied Counseling & Psychoeducational Services; Rockville, Maryland


  Response to Intervention (RTI) – A new way to identify LD?
by Scott Crouse, of


  The Role of Emotions in Learning……
by Sarah Major, Child-1st Publications


  The 90 minute investment that could change your child's life forever.
from LearningRx


  What is Dysgraphia? Helping Your Child Overcome Dysgraphia
by Moshe Elbaum of


  Learning is a Legal Right: When Learning Needs to be Assessed...
by Nan Waldman, Esq. and Karina Richland, M.A., E.T.


  Assessing for Language Learning Disabilities (LLD)
by Linda Balsiger, M.S., CCC-SLP


  Assess Your Child's Cognitive Skills Programs to Detrmine What kind of Tutoring will Help Him Learn
from LearningRx


  What is Executive Functioning, and what can be done for people with Executive Functioning Difficulties?
by Scott Crouse, of


  Beyond Ritalin: Cognitive Skills Training for Children with ADHD
by Wendy Burt-Thomas for LearningRx


  Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
by Dr. Jared Maloff, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA


  Contemporary Learning Science Promises to Unlock your Child's Hidden Potential
by Dr. Russell Griffiths, Mission Viejo, CA and LearningRx


  Left Behind in Education-- Is your states education testing misleading you and your child? (Why Testing Standards Aren't Standard At All)
from LearningRx


  Focus on IQ, Slow Students Dims Future for Brightest
by Dr. Myles Cooley, Palm Beach County, FL


  Identify Learning Disabilities While Children are Small
by Wendy Burt-Thomas for LearningRx


  Top Reasons Why Cognitive Skills Testing is Every Parent's First Step to Understanding Learning Struggles
from LearningRx


  The HISTORY of IQ: One number that changed the world…
from LearningRx


  New Tests of Cognitive and Learning Abilities
by Dr.Scott A. Howard, Director, Howard Learning Assessment Services, Massachusetts and New Hampshire


  LD Assessments may be Deductible
by Dr.James Lawrence Thomas, Director, The Brain Clinic, New York, NY


  How Learning Disabilities Asssessment and Diagnosis Can Help Your Child
by Dr. Richard Komm, , Llc. Psychologist (Arizona and California)


  Testing Accommodations for Learning Disabilities and ADHD
by Dr. Stephen Mouton, Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA.


  How is ADD Diagnosed?
by Dr.James Lawrence Thomas, Director, The Brain Clinic, New York, NY



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