Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

adventure therapy Christian school program 
for Troubled Teenage Boys Morrow, Arkansas

Adventure based therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys

PO Box 20
Morrow, AR 72749




Adventure-Based Therapy for Teenage Boys

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is an adventure-based Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. This dual-diagnosis program emphasizes faith-based solutions to problems boys are faced with. The therapeutic approach at this program addresses issues like:

  • out of control behavior
  • legal issues
  • drug and substance abuse
  • school expulsion
  • negative peer group
  • self-destructive behavior
Through faith-based solutions and a comprehensive program of therapy, teens can recover from these behaviors and get back on track in school.

Therapy at the Adventure Ranch is focused on teaching teens to re-take control of their behaviors by recognizing harmful patterns in their lives. Once boys have identified these problem areas, they can be guided towards replacing these old behaviors with new solutions. Students are also taught to take responsibility for their actions. No matter what their previous circumstances or difficulties, every student has the ability to heal and move forward.

The academic program at Adventure Ranch is highly disciplined and structured, an approach which has proven successful in developing study skills in teens who had been previously struggling. All incoming students are tested to identify problem areas for them academically. This allows staff to develop an individualized lesson plan for each student complete with one-on-one tutoring. Classes are fully accredited and allow students to make up credits or maintain their current pace towards a high school diploma. These accredited academics, in tandem with therapy, develop young men capable of becoming successful, contributing members of their community. Find out more by calling (888) 289-6818.

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