Safe Harbor Boys Maritime Academy

Safe Harbor Christian School 
for Troubled Teenage Boys in Jacksonville, Florida

Christian Boarding School / Maritime Academy for Troubled Boys

4772 Safe Harbor Way
Jacksonville, FL 32226


Christian Boarding School for Troubled Boys
Jacksonville, FL

Safe Harbor Academy is a unique program for troubled boys. In this program, students will learn seamanship and maritime skills while working towards their high school diploma and receiving vocational training. This therapeutic program deals with a variety of issues including:

  • adoption issues
  • failing grades
  • truancy
  • minor substance abuse
  • negative peer influences
  • defiance
  • recent trauma (death, family split, abuse)

Safe Harbor Academy provides counseling in both individual and group settings. This therapeutic program is led by licensed mental health professionals and pastoral counselors. The key to the therapeutic approach at Safe Harbor is that therapy is not limited to these formal settings, but can take place any time, anywhere. In this informal environment, boys tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable, opening up freely with their counselors and mentors. Safe Harbor is a dedicated Christian program, as well. Although no child is required to change his beliefs to succeed here, the principles of the Christ-centered ministry at Safe Harbor are the foundation upon which this program is built.

In addition to therapy, students will learn a strong work ethic. Boys get to experience a variety of vocational training, including carpentry, welding, boat maintenance, gas & diesel engine repair, and basic electrical concepts. In addition to a quality education, this work ethic sets boys up for a successful future, no matter the damage they have already done. If your son needs a second chance at life, call Safe Harbor today at (904) 757-7918.

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