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"Learning Styles"
Neurologically Based

People are born with Strengths and Weaknesses in their learning patterns...

Just as some cannot "carry a tune," some do not learn
well visually!

These inabilities have nothing
to do with their I.Q. or their innate ability to learn.

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Myrna McCulloch's America's Spelling & Reading with Riggs phonics, spelling & "integrated" language arts teaching aids adapt and extend Romalda Spalding's
The Writing Road to Reading
This phonetic system teaches letter formation and the 70 "Orton" phonograms which are the commonly-used correct English spelling patterns.
The Riggs Institute traces its roots to the methods of Dr. Samuel T. Orton. Oma Riggs, for whom the institute is named, studied under Romalda Spalding, a student of Dr. Orton's who used his multi-sensory methodology when she authored The Writing Road to Reading (published in 1957). Oma Riggs used the Spalding method during 17 years of teaching children and teachers. She trained Myrna McCulloch in 1976 and Mrs. McCulloch, in turn, founded the Riggs Institute for the specific purpose of making others aware of the potential benefits of the Spalding method as adapted and extended by the Riggs Institute.

The Riggs foundational skills method uses MULTI-SENSORY, DIRECT & SOCRATIC INSTRUCTION that quickly establishes the necessary auditory, verbal, visual and motor developmental sub-skills to both accelerate the learning process and prevent or correct learning disorders.

A more effective method of instruction and higher expectations can make
all the difference for you and your students.
Your "at risk" students can learn like this student did!

From This...   To This...      In One Year!  
Gerald was the "most dyslexic" student Oma Riggs encountered in her years of teaching WRTR in Spanish-Harlem public school classrooms.

The first example shows his writing the first day of first grade.

"My Brother" was written at the end of his first grade spent entirely with Miss Riggs in a mainstreamed classroom with 34 classmates. Miss Riggs credits the method for his remarkable improvement.

We invite your interest, inquiry, and investigation.
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