Professional Backgrounds of the PRC Staff

Janet Buelow, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist (PSY 12582), earned a doctoral degree at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. She was trained in psychological assessment at the Children's Health Council in Palo Alto. Drawing from twenty years of experience and using her knowledge of human development and interpersonal dynamics, she provides assessment and individual psychotherapy for adults, children, and families and group therapy for women.

Teresa Bailey, Ph.D. (Psychological Assistant PSB 27396), offers both psychotherapy and psychological assessment. Dr. Bailey provides consultation to individuals and families in the areas of learning and attention difficulties as well as the emotional demands created by these difficulties. She works from a humanistic and psychodynamic perspective to help adults and adolescents improve their interpersonal relationships, work to resolve immediate and on-going difficulties with mood and impulse management, and explore ways of bringing the true self into the foreground to build a life that reflects increased self-knowledge and self-activation. In addition, she has extensive experience in working with and providing support to patients and families who are coping with acute and chronic medical problems, including cancer.

Leanne Simmons, M.A., a counseling intern (IMF 31082), earned her degree in counseling at the University of San Francisco. She also has graduate degrees in literature from Cambridge University and the University of Santa Clara. Leanne brings to her practice of therapy an unusual combination of strong literary scholarship and a natural ability to understand and promote the welfare of her clients. She provides help for individual adults and adolescents who feel overwhelmed by the requirements of functional daily living and who want to do more than just cope - who want to learn how to manage their lives and relationships with a truer understanding of themselves and their belief systems. She works by being very empathic and validating with clients while gently encouraging the exploration of what is so for them. She is very practical and helps her clients to examine realistic options and goals. Her strong background in literature gives her a unique perspective and broad understanding of the human condition. Her facility with language enables her to work fluently with clients' metaphors as they tell their stories.


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