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About AVKO

Founded in 1974, the AVKO Educational Research Foundation is a non-profit membership organization staffed entirely by volunteers.

To find out what poor readers (particularly those with dyslexia) need to be taught and what techniques and materials will help teachers and parents do a better job of teaching.

  • Don McCabe, Research
  • Deborah Wolf, President
  • Aaron Miller, Vice-President
  • Dan Dolan, Secretary
  • Elmer Whaley, Treasurer

For more information about AVKO:
  • its free daily tutoring,
  • its training of parents to be tutors,
  • its inservices and workshops,
  • its catalog of materials,
  • and membership in AVKO:

    Call:  (810) 686-9283

     Fax:  (810) 686-1101


 Write:  AVKO Foundation
              3084 W. Willard Road, Suite W
              Clio, MI 48420-7801

Phun Kwizz ah'n Inglish Spelling
To Teach a Dyslexic
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