To Teach a Dyslexic by Don McCabe. 288 p. $14.95. Paperback

This is more than an autobiography of a distinguished educator. It's a blue print long overdue that school systems can use to teach reading and writing.
   --Carl B. Smith, Ph.D., Director Family Literacy Center, Indiana University.

It takes a dyslexic like Don McCabe to teach us what dyslexia really is. It can be more a gift than it is a handicap. What he has achieved, other dyslexics can achieve - with proper help from teachers who understand the logic behind the dyslexic mind. Dyslexics may not make Who's Who (as McCabe did), but they certainly can become good readers, good spellers, and good citizens living happy and productive lives.
   --Eldo Bergman, M.D., Executive Director, Texas Reading Institute, Houston, TX.

In this personal and somewhat irreverent look at his life...Don McCabe reminds us of the diversity and strengths of (dyslexics.)...He emphasizes the importance of family support and the need for preparing teachers who understand dyslexia and its effects. Especially useful is the section on effective teaching strategies based on the structure of written English.
   --Marcia K. Henry, Ph.D. President (1995-1996) Orton Dyslexia Society.

Flint, Michigan can be justly proud of being more than the home of General Motors, Roger and Me, the great sit-down strike, and the C.S. Mott Foundation. From a Flint public high school that had no gymnasium, and no swimming pool, no auditorium, no cafeteria, no library, and no athletic field has come a teacher, scholar and researcher whose ideas, if accepted by the academic world, could lead to the eradication of illiteracy and even the elimination of the word dyslexia. His name is Don McCabe. Read his story and you'll see what I mean.
   --Linda Nevin, President, Tri-County Literacy Council.

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