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Help with College Essays
Editing and Writing Services for your Professional and Personal Needs

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Help with College Essays
Writing and Editing Services for the Busy Person with High Standards

Need expert editing / writing help
  • Editing, and proofing a college / graduate school/ work-related paper?
  • Summarizing material, writing introductory matter, restructuring an essay?
  • Writing a college application or job application essay?

Write It Up! can help you give your essay structure, flavor, grammar and format.

Your seasoned editors are natural writers with unnatural focus, precision, and attention to detail. Excellent background in business, economics, philosophy, and literature.


$10 per page for copy editing/ proofing / restructuring
$25 per page for substantial rewrites, e.g., college and personal essay rewriting
Submit your work to us via email in Word format, and receive the paper back in Word format.
Write It Up! reserves to right to reject material of questionable moral taste, violent, racist, or incendiary nature, or containing foul language.
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