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"One-to-One Tutoring for Success"

Montreal area
email consulting available

7338 Sherbrooke West #14
Montreal, Quebec H4B 1R7

Tel: (cell) 514-386-5327 11AM - 10PM only
        Reg:  514-481-7355 11AM - 10PM only


Academic Help -- Reading Skills & Advanced Math

NEW: intensive summer reading instruction. One-to-one tutoring available, two to three hours daily, two-week or three-week sessions. Call or email for details and to reserve a time

Reading: Reading help ages 4 to adult. The best, scientifically-proven approach to reading teaching, as recommended by the NIH. Phonics, vocabulary development, comprehension all included. Experience with LD.

Mathematics:: Advanced Math, college and university. Calculus and advanced calculus; theoretical trigonometry; proofs; problem-solving.

French: : Basic French language; grammar and vocabulary. English:English as a second language; grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation

email consultation:Questions on methodology and suggested materials free of charge, as time permits. Photocopied materials, or loan materials with a security deposit; cost plus S&H

  • Qualified tutor, BSc, BA Honours Math, BA Languages and Linguistics, MA Education.
  • Private tutoring since 1984. All ages and levels of students. Experience with LD.
  • Genuine one-to-one teaching and fully individualized instruction and planning.

Please email my business at
or personal at:
Reach me by phone at: 514-386-5327 or 514-453-4005

Thanks for your interest!

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