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Special Education in Texas

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Texas Project FIRST - Families, Information, Resources, Support & Training

This part of the TEA - Texas Education Agency -- aims to be a primer about Special Education opportunities in Texas. It is called the Texas Project First site, and it has links to:

More Texas Project FIRST Tools:

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Find the answers to questions that parents often ask about special education and other topics regarding children with disabilities.
  • Urban Legends: Is it fiction or fact? Urban Legends contains those "stories" that have circulated and have become legend even though they might not be true.
  • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms: What do all those terms mean? Find definitions of special education terms; as well as a listing of special education acronyms, often referred to as "Alphabet Soup." Special Education jargon can seem like a foreign language!
  • Links to Resources: A guide to more great resources. Links to organizations, training opportunities, websites and publications are listed here to direct you to more sources of information.

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