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Special Education & Learning Disabilities Resources: A Nationwide Directory

New York Department of Education: Special Education

 division of special education resources state of New Jersey
New York State Education Department
New York State Education Building
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

Tel: 518-474-1711 or       1-800-222-JOBS(5627)

Special Education Links and Services for the State of New York

Links to Special Education information and services in the state of New York.

The is a very extensive site, with links to offices in the state by region. It has contact information for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Early Childhood Direction Centers, Independent Living Centers, Special Education Policy, Special Education Quality Assurance, Special Education Training & Resource Centers, and Strategic Evaluation Data Collection Analysis and Reporting (SEDCAR). It has a myriad of links for Special Education, Behavioral Interventions, Employment Opportunities, New York State Special Education Publications, Technical Assistance Materials, Preschool information, Help for Parents, Assessment Information, Autism information, NY State School for the Blind, NY State School for the Deaf, List of Approved Schools, and a List of Approved Preschools.

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