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Crossroads Christian Schools Florida schools autism developmental delays

Crossroads Christian School Program for Children with Special Educational Learning Needs

Corporate Office: 3697 Crown Point Ct
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Tel: (904) 652-1282
Fax: (904) 260-1628

Crossroads School has 5 locations throughout the state of Florida
with campuses in:

Greater Tampa Bay area:

In Jacksonville:'
Orange Park

and NEW LOCATIONS coming soon to:

Crossroads School Program for Children in Florida with Special Educational Learning Needs Grades K-12:
"Celebrating the unique God-given gifts within each child!"

Crossroads School is a unique concept in Christian education for children in grades K-12! Crossroads School partners with local churches and was founded out of the need to provide quality education for students with learning disabilities who struggle in the public school. We have been in the private school business for over 35 years and our emphasis is small campuses and low student/teacher ratios in a loving, caring classroom environment!

We specialize in serving the educational needs of students with all diagnoses of Learning Disabilities; i.e., LD, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Speech, and Emotional Handicaps. The curriculum and strategies that we utilize are extremely effective for students with varying learning needs . Students with Asperger's Syndrome find success in our structure and methods. As a Christian school, we also address the social and spiritual needs that often go hand-in-hand with disabilities.

Our curriculum offers a hands-on, active learning approach that is easily adapted to individual learning needs and styles. Students take seven academic subjects each year with specific courses that parallel the State of Florida’s requirements for graduation.

The mission of Crossroads Schools is to "Uncover and develop the God-given gifts within each child." We accomplish this by providing a stimulating, family-like environment, where students will be able to achieve their fullest potential emotionally, spiritually, and academically through our small classroom environment. Our goal is to encourage students to enjoy learning, experience academic success, and get the skills necessary to graduate and go on to college or work.

We really have a family approach in our relationship with our students and parents and we personalize each child’s educational needs and goals by remediating to their strengths and then moving them forward. We group them by their abilities while maintaining their grade level. This encourages students and motivates them to learn and not have to be concerned with peer pressure or their lack of subject knowledge.

Crossroads School is approved for the McKay Scholarship for Children with Learning Disabilities and Step Up For Students Scholarship. If your child has an IEP and is enrolled in a Special Education class in the public school, you may qualify for FREE or REDUCED!

To learn how your child can achieve success by enrolling in Crossroads School visit us on the web at, and contact Brannen Broach today at 904.652-1282. If you live outside of the jacksonville Market call us Toll Free at: 866)344-KID! (5431).

Crossroads Schools….. "Celebrating the unique God-given gifts within each child!"

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