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Therapeutic Educational Consulting

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Therapeutic Educational Consulting

Therapeutic Educational Consulting is a team of professionals. We specialize in assessing and placing kids with special needs and kids with emotional, psychiatric, substance, behavioral and learning problems into therapeutic schools and programs.

Through our expert assessment and our carefully and sensitively structured process, we identify your child's strengths and match him or her to the best school or program available.

Therapeutic Educational Consulting (TEdC) is small and personal. Our professional working philosophy is simple: Matching your child’s needs to the right program or school is the most critical element of our work together. It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make on behalf of your child.

Our promise to you is that we are not only eminently qualified to promote the matching process, but genuinely interested in watching the progress that will unfold.

Professional knowledge base, integrity and ethics:
Many different types of programs for young people exist and have evolved very quickly over the last few years. Since this profession of therapeutic schools and programs is relatively new, there is currently not a set of national standards that regulate the industry. It is enormously important that parents choose an educational consultant who travels extensively and is aware of the integrity of schools and programs... and shares this knowledge base with you.

We travel and work nationally with families throughout the United States.

For more information, please see our website at:

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