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Group Therapeutic Residences for Children, Teens, and Adults Offer Good Alternative to Standard Institutions

If your developmentally disabled child, teen, or older loved one is not thriving in their home environment, and you are afraid of an institutional setting, there are other alternatives to consider: A ranch based in Sage, Arkansas provides a different kind of alternative: it aims to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities offering a quality and embracing environment in a family like setting. The Easy K Ranch sits on 60 acres in beautiful rural Arkansas. The residents receive 24 hour, seven day per week supervision, 365 days per year. Many activities are provided to enhance the lives of the residents allowing them the opportunity to grow and become the best they can be. The Easy K Ranch serves any person who fits in with the family. Residents have a variety of physical and developmental challenges.

The Easy K Ranch offers an alternative to the fast pace of modern life and a home to many who would have no alternative other than to stay at home with another family member who would no longer be able to work.

Many states offer no programs for individuals after they turn 22. The Easy K Ranch is an affordable option: The annual cost for tuition, room and board and supervision is $21,000. This is akin to the tuition cost at a junior college and for families with a developmentally disabled member this can be a lifelong expense.

The actual cost to fully care for a resident at The Easy K is $44,000 making tuition 47% of the cost. The Easy K is a not for profit organization and relies on donations large and small to cover costs.

The Easy K ranch is interested in accepting four more residents.

Anyone interested in donating or finding out more about The Easy K Ranch please call 870-368-7444 or go to the website.

There are other such housing and care options for people with developmental disabilities. We encourage you to look into Easy K Ranch or other such private options which are much more embracing than institutional environments.

The Easy K Ranch is located in Sage, Arkanses. You can reach them via email at: Check out options their at

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