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Learning Technics Has the Solution for Families with Struggling Learners

from Learning Technics
Parents have a hard time watching their own children struggle-especially when their kids are struggling with school. Unfortunately, the education system we all must operate under does not accommodate every type of learner; nor does it offer viable solutions for learners who need a different approach to learning.

More and more, education is everything when it comes time to choose a career. Many concerned parents spend as much of their time and resources as possible to find the right program to help their kids succeed, but often only reach dead ends.

In fact, struggling students improve only about 30 percent of the time when they are placed in traditional tutoring programs. And, to make matters worse, students usually require continual tutoring to maintain any initial improvement they make. This can be a serious strain on parents both psychologically and financially.

Learning Technics' Success Story

Learning Technics has developed a learning solution that is both permanent and effective in at least 93 percent of cases. As concerned parents of struggling learners themselves, the founders of Learning Technics knew there must be a better way to approach learning for students with learning disabilities. This led them to form a board of experts from several areas of learning expertise (including psychology and neuroscience) to find the root cause of learning disorders.

They found that learning disabilities are caused by the way the brain processes information. Students with diagnosed learning disorders like dyslexia or with memory problems have a deficiency in neural connections or other brain infrastructures in the areas where specific types of information are processed.

This means that most students with learning problems have the same level of intelligence as their peers; they just have problems learning things that require certain brain processes.

Once they found the real cause for learning disorders, Learning Technics was able to create a system to solve learning problems once and for all. They developed the Physio-Neuro Therapy tutoring program that today has been used on thousands of students nationally over the last couple decades. Physio-Neuro Therapy works because it targets learning problems where they start-with the brain. This program does not simply provide students with extra practice in their problem subjects. Rather, it targets the area of the brain that has difficulty processing the information being taught and strengthens it through specific exercises.

Physio-Neuro Therapy-Short Term Program for a Permanent Solution

One major difference between Physio-Neuro Therapy and other tutoring programs is that students only need to complete the program once. Furthermore, students spend only about six months on the Physio-Neuro Therapy program, but the results last a life time.

In fact, in its developmental testing phase, students who were tested a few years after they had completed the Learning Technics school pilot program were found to be improving continuously without any extra intervention. They actually continued to get better as they went through the rest of their education because their learning problems had been solved.

Physio-Neuro Therapy is effective for most students with learning difficulties. Over the last 25 years, Learning Technics has helped students with the following disorders overcome their learning difficulties and turn teaching into learning:

  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia (motor learning)
  • 24-hour memory problems
  • Visual memory problems
  • Tracking (visual convergence disorder)
  • Pattern discrimination
  • Reading difficulty
  • Hearing discrimination problems
About Learning Technics Learning Technics was founded in 1988 by two parents, John Heath and Sally Higley, who were searching for a solution for their bright but struggling students. The company is based in Utah and has spread to several states throughout the U.S. Visit or call 1-800-893-9315 to find out more about Learning Technics, their research studies, and their proven method for improving learning.

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