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What are Camps for Troubled Teens?

from the Academy of Eastern Arizona
During the summer months, boarding schools are often closed including those geared towards the troubled teens. This leaves the parents with the problem of dealing with their troubled teen for the entire summer while trying to maintain their daily routine which may include working to support the family. Many parents worry about the lack of structure for their troubled teen and worry that being alone may undo all the work that has been done throughout the year. For those situations, there are camps for troubled teens that offer summer programs to help fill the gap.

Experts have determined that camps for troubled teens can make use of nature to help with the task of straightening out the troubled teen. The nutrients one receives from the sun can help to make the teen feel better. And often times, stress is a large contributing factor to the way that the teens are acting and being out in nature can help to alleviate that task. Activities such as canoeing, bird watching, hiking, and even just relaxing by the campfire in the evening can really make a huge difference. Also, spending the time with others who are going through what they are can help them to feel less alone and also to forge friendships that can last a lifetime.

There are so many options as far as the location of these camps for troubled teens. For some troubled teens, finding a location that is close to home will give them the freedom and escape from stress that they need while keeping them close. For those who would benefit more from the distance, parents can choose a camp for troubled teens that is farther away. These camps have locations all over the country.

If sending your troubled teen away to a camp for troubled teens that is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is not for you, there are other options. In some areas, there are camps that are operated as day camps. These camps offer outdoor therapy with trained counselors. There are activities as well as daily therapy sessions to continue any work that the troubled teen may have been receiving either through their regular school or through a boarding school. These programs have proven useful in treating even those teens that have not responded well to more traditional methods.

The Academy of Eastern Arizona, located in Holbrook, Arizona is to provide a safe, positive environment where each troubled teen girl is able to learn and apply the Values of Responsibility, Self Respect, Respect for Authority, and Self Motivation. Reach them by phone at:(866) 698-3362. See our listing on ISER.COM

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