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Academy of Eastern Arizona

Academy of Eastern Arizona
522 Mission Lane
Holbrook, Arizona 86025


Fax: 866-375-7397


Private Boarding School with Therapy for Girls ages 12-17

At The Academy of Eastern Arizona it is our goal to give your daughter the tools necessary for success in life, to serve those in need and to serve in her community. Just as no two people are a like, no two person's challenges are alike.

"...just as a house needs a firm foundation to withstand the winds and storms of winter, each child needs a firm foundation to withstand the winds and storms of life."

We help girls ages 12-17 struggling with:

  • Anger or Defiance toward Parents
  • Refusing to follow family rules
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse
  • Bad Peer Group
  • Sexually Active/Teen Pregnancy
  • Trouble in School
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Drastic Mood Swings or Bipolar Disorder
  • ODD - ADD - ADHD

Call us today for free information. 866-698-3362.

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