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Yes - I Conquered Autism

Don't Manage Autism, End It!

Jean Genet is a man who conquered his own autism and became a noted researcher in brain management to validate his success. Jean's research created Byonetics.

Use Byonetics software and methods in your home to help your autistic child!

Byonetics is an "In Home" program that is proving to be successful in enhancing speech, behavioral, and occupational therapies in the campaign to end to autism. Byonetics works on the premise that the brain is very much like a computer i.e., it uses brain wave frequencies which activate what we call developmental switches. These Switches connect to our mental, physical, and emotional "software" that activates our ability to speak, have emotional balance, and mental focus. By the 18th month of life an infant has received 13 vaccinations. The chemical reaction in the brain from these vaccinations can be so severe that these developmental switches can be damaged to such an extent that they no longer make a proper connection between the brain/computer and its software thus turnng off the ability to speak, have emotional balance, and mental focus. Byonetics is a technology that repairs these developmental switches.

Byonetics uses Cranial Dynamics™ technology to create the harmonic frequency codes that the brain uses to repair these developmental switches. These harmonic frequencies are encoded into digitally mastered CD's that are played when the child is going to sleep. The more these Switches are repaired the better the connection between the brain/computer and its mental, physical, and emotional software thus turnng back on the ability to speak, have emotional balance, and mental focus.

The child receives daily support to identify and resolve their conflicts with autism. The family receives their own Byonetics CD and daily support that helps to neutralize stress in the home environment. When the home enviromental is free of stress then the family heals and the child enhances the ability to develope properly.

Byonetics also offers an Occupational Therapy Program with Dolphins in the Florida Keys to help your child with autism.

Byoneticsis not a is a technology that enhances speech, behavioral, and occupational therapies. Ending Autism is different than Curing Autism.

To learn more, call us at:1.800.280.2802 or see our site

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