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Remedia Publications was founded in 1979 by two special education teachers with many years of classroom experience. They specialized in working with students whose skill levels were significantly below grade level. Both teachers felt there was a great need for teaching materials that addressed the needs of this population, and so they began to develop educational materials. Today Remedia Publications publishes over 500 reproducible activity books. Please browse, we're sure you will find something interesting.

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Daily Comprehension Set

A Lesson a Day For The Entire School Year!

Each 60-page book in this 9-book set offers a different non-fiction story for each day of the month, which was chosen because of its particular significance on that date. These high-interest low-vocabulary stories are followed by hands-on activities designed to improve overall reading comprehension while focusing on specific skills. Best of all, you will never run out of usable activities again! High-interest format.Gr. 5-12 Rdg. Level 3-4 ($6.95 each)

REM1111.$60.00 entire set

Practical Practice Reading Series

Reading and writing ability is sure to improve as students work through activities involving everyday life situations- reading the newspaper, ads, coupons, catalogs, schedules, directories, guides, etc. Each realistic book provides plenty of practice as well as open-ended activities which invite creativity;. So improve your students' reading comprehension skills the practical, "real-life" way with this relevant and popular series! Gr. 4-12 Rdg. Level 3-4 ($5.95 each)

REM434.$35.00 entire set

Phonics For Older Students

Designed specifically for the student who has been introduced to vowel sounds but still needs further practice to reach mastery levels. This comprehensive book offers over 120 pages of delightfully illustrated activities involving each vowel sound along with rhyming, riddles, letter substitution, sentence writing, word drill, alphabetizing, diphthongs, digraphs, and more! Phonemic awareness is an essential component of reading success... so give your students plenty of practice with this indispensable book!


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