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Play This Way Every Day LLC

speech therapy and language therapy toy for small children with autism and other language related disabilities

487 East Main Street
Suite 171
Mount Kisco NY 10549

Tel: 888-400-5740
Fax: 888-400-5740

Pediatrician Invented U-Play Mat With General Speech Therapy and Autism/ABA Manuals Available

The U-Play Mat is a patent-pending U-shaped adorable floor mat with card decks desgined by a pediatrician with two sets of twins, originally intended for language based play at home. An amazing speech therapy manual ( and additional manual for Autism/ABA therapy ( with U-Play are available free on the website and expanded U-Play into a standard therapy tool - and a great way for parents to replicate therapeutic exercises at home.

  • Pediatrician created!
  • For all children ages one and up!
  • Learning to talk & understand can be FUN!
  • Ten games per card deck!
  • Grows with your child!
  • Get on the floor and PLAY THIS WAY EVERY DAY!


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