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A New Life for Women

addiction recovery program forwomen Florida
9951 Atlantic Blvd.
Suite 247
Jacksonville FL




Helping Women Reconnect Back to their Lives

A New Life for Women provides a specialty program. Women as a rule, tend to stumble into addiction from uniquely painful places. Whether the history involved abusive relationships or childhood trauma and women are far more likely to exhibit issues such as depression, anxiety and other psychosocial issues.

A New Life for Women allows you to bring such experiences into the group and play them out via storytelling, role-play and more essential steps for healing. We recognize that each woman brings a different background to recovery process and you will be surrounded with a sup portative environment in which to begin the reconnecting process. Studies have consistently shown that women feel more comfortable opening up in women-only groups.

A New Life for Women is an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program). IOP provides the structure that many people need in the first stage of recovery from alcohol and/or drug abuse. In this setting we exclusively provide services to women for both substance abuse and trauma related issues,

A New Life for Women accepts most private insurance and self-pay. How long does it take to get into IOP, and how do I get in? You can get in almost immediately. We accept new client into IOP on a rolling basis, so you do not have to wait until a particular session. Give us a call at 904-724-9960 and we set up an initial appointment. We typically get people into the office 1-2 days of their first call. After this appointment you can join the group the very next day.

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