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Mount Carmel Youth Ranch

Mind, Body Spirit
PO Box 188
Cody, WY 82414

Tel: 307-645-3322
Fax: 307-645-3054


Mount Carmel Youth Ranch for At Risk Young Men

How does Mount Carmel Youth Ranch help at risk young men?

By unfolding the boys mind the way God creaated it, on a 40,000 acre working cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Mount Carmel is a program for at risk boys ages 12-17 that display Alcohol/Drug/Cigarette Usage, Parental Control, Depression/Low Self-Esteem, Academic Underachievement, ADD/ADHD, Anger Management/Emotional Management, Divorce Reaction, Anxiety, Poor Peer Choice, Sexual Promiscuity, Rebelliousness and Defiance.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch (MTC), founded in 1992 and located on a 40,000 acre working cattle ranch in northwest Wyoming, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping At-Risk young men. MTC offers three separate programs:

  • a long-term program
  • a Wilderness Program (offered year-round)
  • a summer "cow camp" program.
All three programs emphasize Academics.

For program information call (307) 645-3322 or visit

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