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MindWorks Mental Health Counseling, PLLC

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Educational Assessments Tutoring Counseling

2 Overhill Road Suite 320
Scarsdale, NY 10583

Tel: 914-574-6363
Fax: 914-574-6364


Educational Assessments, Testing, and Tutoring in Westchester, New York

Our goal at MindWorks is to develop an in depth understanding of the unique way in which your child learns. From the first meeting with your child and throughout the evaluation process, our team works together to create a learning profile for your child that they can use to optimize their academic potential.We feel that any child's learning style is not limited to the hours spent on schoolwork, but touches all aspects of their lives. With that in mind, we offer recommendations that not only will be reflected academically, but will be useful to your child every day.

Educational Services offered:

  • A full range of neuropsychological and educational assessments, interpretation and learning plan with recommendations.
  • Conferencing between our learning specialist and your child’s school to discuss implementing recommendations in our report.
  • Attending IEP meetings at your chilld’s school as an advocate.
  • Academic coaching.
  • Organizational and social skills building.
  • Subject tutoring.

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