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Meadowlark Academy

"The First Step on The Road Back Home"
Meadowlark Academy for troubled teens in Kansas
Meadowlark Academy for troubled teens in Kansas

301 7th St.
Delphos, KS 67436




Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls
Delphos, Kansas

Meadowlark Academy is a safe haven for young ladies whose lives have gone off path. We assists these girls to redirect their own behavior, learn about their values and beliefs, teach them responsibility and integrity, as well as helping them to mend the relationship with their parents. We do all this through the Positive Peer Culture, which allows each girl discover their own strengths and weaknesses through assisting and caring for others. At Meadowlark, we attempt to provide an environment that is safe, friendly, and conducive to change.

Meadowlark Academy is one of the finest programs available for troubled teen girls. This unique boarding school offers a dog training program that gives the girls an opportunity to train a puppy. The dog is eventually given to a physically challenged person. Another difference between Meadowlark Academy and other troubled teen boarding schools for girls is the positive peer culture. Girls are given the opportunity to assist each other in making improvements in their lives.

Meadowlark helps at risk teenage girls who are dealing with:

  • Chemical dependency - alcohol and drug use
  • Defiant - disregard for rules, doesn't accept "no" for an answer
  • Depression - low self-esteem
  • Disrespectful
  • Arguing - never at fault for behaviors
  • Manipulation - doing what they can to get what they want no matter who it hurts
  • Lying - stealing - sneaky behavior
  • Impulsive - lack of control
  • Negative peers - can't keep friends or has friends who encourage negative behavior, runaway behavior, unpredictable behavior, sexual behavior.
  • Family conflict - "I hate you", attitude; "you can't make me", attitude School problems - poor grades, skipping school, suspension, expulsion, fallen grades

We might be the right place for your daughter to grow and mature. Call us to talk at:1-800-610-8810

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